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general terms and conditions for trainees

1:- MSME TC Baddi reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason, incomplete applications are liable to be rejected.
2:- admission to the course will be confirmed only on deposit of fees.
3:- course fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. however, it can be adjusted for any other course.
4:- if a trainee leaves the course in between, the tuition fee/ security fee (if any) already paid will not be refunded and stands forfeited if the trainee do not rejoin the course with in three months. the trainee can only rejoin the course after paying the balance fee.
5:- course fees for the next semester shall have to be paid within one months from the starting date of semester. late fee will be charged as a fine from the due date, as applicable.
6:- all the trainees will ensure discipline/decorum within the campus.
7:- laptop, mobile phone, pen drive, CD or any other related items are not permitted inside MSME TC Baddi premises.
8:- regular attendance will have to be maintained by trainee as per course schedule, minimum 75% attendance is compulsory for STC courses, and minimum 80% attendance is compulsory for NSQF courses.
9:- no trainee shall organize/ conduct any meeting within the campus.
10:- the machines/equipment/furniture must be handled carefully. any act of damage to MSME TC Baddi properly shall attract fine, as per rule.
11:- trainee has to ensure the proper utilization of MSME TC Baddi amenities including water and electricity.
12:- smoking and chewing tobacco, processing or drinking alcohol beverages in any form is strictly prohibited within MSME TC Baddi premises.
13:- ragging is strictly prohibited in the MSME TC Baddi premises, anybody indulging in ragging shall be dealt with stringent disciplinary action.
14:- writing any comment/name of doors, walls tollet and notice board is strictly prohibited.
15:- violations of above and any other rules ,regulations ,disciplines and conduct etc. Are liable for disciplinary action.
I Hereby Solemnly Declared That The Information Furnished By Me In This Application Is True To The Best Of My Knowledge And Belief. I Undertake The Abide By The Rules And Regulations Mentioned As Above, General Information Given In The Prospectus And Other Rules Enforced By The Institute From Time To Time. If Any Information Is Incorrect At Any Stage During The Period Of My Course, The Institute Reserves Right To Cancel My Registration/Admission And No Fee Shall Be Refunded To Me. I Hereby Give My Consent To Use This Information For Educational Purpose Only. All details filled by candidate/students such as Name, Father's Name, aadhar number, mobile number, address, DOB etc. Needs to be filled carefully. As these details will be used for your certificate generation from MSME TC baddi.